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Message from the President of CERDEN " The Nguon awaits you "

Nguon 2016
Nguon 2016

The Nguon , now in its 546th edition, remains standing and determined not only to perpetuate itself in time, but also to take the place which is his in concert Cameroon and global multicultural society.

The Nguon, it is primarily the affirmation of a deeply rooted in the secular vision ambition that illuminated one day Nchare Yen, first King of Bamun in 1394.Il imagined indeed, a periodic gathering of all topics that would bring to the palace some of the fruit of their harvest in exchange for other goods they needed, would result in closer ties among all Bamun. It is there, the first idea of ​​Nguon: to share with each other, to get close to him to pave the way for a beneficial coexistence. This is in line with this principle that once again we are thrown into the preparations for the next edition to be held from 27 November to 04 December 2016 under the theme: "Nguon: consolidation lever peace and development ". social peace, for those times when malicious inclinations working to undermine our right to live in harmony and security.

Promoting sustainable development in those hours when the imperatives of development does not relieve us of the duty to preserve the integrity of our environment : our living and legacy to bequeath to future generations . Two crucial issues for our country , for which , in all humility, Nguon aims to increase its contribution to the national effort , with reflections and various activities. To date, the Nguon has undergone mutations such as the scope of its activities and events, go far beyond the sole framework of the Bamun community. It became the meeting place where economic , cultural and tourist Noun is to be seen in Cameroon and the world ; a moment of exchange par excellence.

As such, it is open to all economic operators and media spheres, in momentum citizen , wish to participate in the pursuit of its noble ambitions . Because it will bring together eight days , tens of thousands of festival Foumban ; Polarizing by extension, the entire national media attention, the Nguon awaits you . Or rather , offers the possibility to associate your image to one of the few major cultural events , our country is proud . May you , dear potential sponsors and partners see the merits and all the benefits to be drawn on the communication plan by joining this exciting adventure ! Also , what is the meaning to find the support you in your hands . That of making you see Nguon , to let you know it.

Yes , ladies and gentlemen, Nguon awaits you ...

Dr Fatimatou POUMIÉ, Présidente du CERDEN,
Mandataire du Sultan Roi des Bamoun.


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Nji Oumarou NCHARE
Nji Oumarou NCHARE
Sultanat Bamoun
Dr. Fatimatou Poumie
Dr. Fatimatou Poumie
Ngoun 2016
Mbouombouo Issofou
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