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New Museum of Palais Des Rois Bamoun

Abstract of the Museum Project

The dynasty NSHARE YEN today led by the 19th of lined His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim Njoya MBOMBO, is characterized by great kings and conquer legendary innovation. This characteristic survival to this day through groundbreaking companies such as the museum presented here kings and many other. Far from being a vulgar architectural masterpiece is a physical representation of the soul of this great nation perpetuated beyond the generations in the strict respect of its precursors.

In order to support the tourism development program and enhancement of traditional and cultural heritage promoted by the Government of Cameroon through its respective departments, the Sultanate bamoun account such achievements make its contribution to this building to see increase the number of tourists to the destination Cameroon.

Alongside this emerging project, the Sultan King of Bamouns faithful to his ideals and those of the Cameroonian Government, wishes to put feet on a number of achievements in the medium and long term will contribute to the improvement of life local people, surrounding and foreign.

Start of work

Joining Date: June 3, 2013

Specific objectives

* Build and develop an ultra-modern and artistic museum
* Promoting heritage Dynasty NSHARE YEN (royal)
* Save the entire cultural heritage bamoun
* Train young people to the art of construction and tourism;
* Promoting Tourism in the Kingdom of Bamum.
* Open bamoun culture and traditions to the world.

Expected results

* A building capable of holding a large amount of Royal Heritage.
* Dramatically increase the number of visitors and tourists;.
* Create a framework for the teaching of language SHUMOM;.
* Organize the repatriation and exchange of art object with another museum..

Construction of the new museum of the Bamoun Kingdom

New Museum Foumban


The Bamun Sultanate is located in the Western Region of the Republic of Cameroon in Central Africa. The Sultanate is 1200 meters above sea level and covers an area of 7.625 km².

Founded around 1394 NSHARE YEN, until now the kingdom has experienced a succession of 19 kings. Its area the foundation will be greatly enlarged to the 1780s by King MBUEMBUE, 11th Dynasty, which began a series of conquests that allowed him to extend the boundaries of his kingdom. He endowed his kingdom mythical symbols: Snake with two heads, double bells and spider that today constitute the arms of the Kingdom.

King Njoya, 17th Dynasty, meanwhile, among others to his credit: invention of writing, construction of a sumptuous palace, a museum founded in 1922 which today is among the most important and rich Africa. The premises housing the museum today are too cramped that only one third of objects of our rich collection of 12,500 objects exposed to it.

The current Sultan Ibrahim Njoya MBOMBO, 19th of this dynasty, led by the immeasurable desire to safeguard this rich heritage left by centuries his ancestors, has undertaken for nearly two years, the construction of a new museum to museum adapted rules and spacious enough to hold all the objects in the collection.

The architect appointed by the Sultan, moreover son of the soil, in perfect agreement with the Sultan, thought of an architecture that combines tradition and modernity and which in itself is sufficient to be a museum although no exhibition s' found there. This architecture is a set composed of coats of arms of the Kingdom that are:

1- Double bell: symbol of patriotism. It is an instrument used by the King to stimulate and galvanize his troops at the front.

2- The spider: Symbol of work. The King wants his people to be employed as the spider who spends all his time to weave webs.

3- Two Snake: a symbol of the victory of Bamun people simultaneously on two fronts. It symbolizes the power of the Kingdom

"Patriotism, work and power."

Overall objective

To contribute to increasing the number of tourist in CAMEROON

Financial organizer

SULTANATE BAMOUN (Sultan King Bamoun)

Any Information regarding the Museum Contact the following people below.

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Nji Oumarou NCHARE
Mbouombouo Issofou
Maitre D'art
Dr. Fatimatou Poumie
Pierre Tonsie
Ingenieur de Genie Civil
Adamou Supreme
Nouveau Musée
Njikam Isiaka
Web Master

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