One of the oldest palaces in Africa

About Foumban Palace

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The Royal Palace of Foumban in Cameroon is one of the oldest palace in the history of Africa in ancient times dating back from many centuries back. The Palace is located in the town of Foumban in the North-East of the Western Regional capital city of Bafoussam in the Republic of Cameroon.

The Royal Palace of Foumban is currently inhabited by the sultan (King), who is the 19th ruler of the Bamoun dynasty which dates back from the 14th century in history. The Palace was renovated and completed in 1917 after which the belongings of previous Sultans were arranged and kept for tourist attraction.
Some of the major important things found in the palace include a multitude of royal gowns, arms, musical instruments, statues, jewelry, masks and colorful bead-covered thrones carved in the shapes of the men who sat on them and seat of power for the Bamoun people. Cameroon is noted on the African Continent of being sound and free for both travelers and tourist who will like to see new things satisfy their curiosity. If you are planning of taking a tour to Cameroon, your ideal destination should be to see these wonderful things in the Palace of the Royals. Read more...

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